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Charles County Department of Health

The Charles County Department of Health will begin phase 1B of COVID-19 vaccinations which includes all those age 75 and older, along with a few other specific groups designated by Governor Hogan in-state guidance. If you are a senior in this age group, and especially if you have underlying health conditions such as high-blood pressure or diabetes, you are strongly encouraged to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.  Please complete the form below to receive a registration link for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment.  Appointments will be scheduled as clinics become available.    Clinics are offered by the Department of Health on Wednesdays, and alternating Fridays and Saturdays at Regency Furniture Stadium, 11765 St. Linus Dr., Waldorf, MD.


If you meet the Phase 1B qualifications, click the button below to register for your vaccine appointment:

*Use the Google Chrome browser when you receive the registration link to successfully register. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Basics

Getting vaccinated can help prevent you from getting seriously ill with COVID-19.

Vaccination Distribution

Maryland will distribute the vaccines to five different priority groups in order of relative risk as supplies are available. Each group will receive more details when vaccine is available.

COVID19 Vaccine FAQs

Here are answers to your most frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccination process:

Additional prioritized groups — As vaccine supplies increase over the next few weeks, we’ll provide the vaccine to additional prioritized groups, according to federal and state guidelines. The groups of people eligible to receive the vaccine will continue to expand as more vaccine becomes available.

Which vaccine is Charles County distributing?

  • Moderna—Two doses, administered four weeks apart

What schedule is being used in distributing the vaccine?

  • Charles County is following the Maryland Department of Health and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices protocol, which is being administered in phases according to priority groups.
  • View the State of Maryland’s vaccination plan: Click here
  • What are the priority groups for each vaccination phase, and what phase are we in? Click here

Where will I go to get a vaccination?

  • Initially all clinics are being held at Regency Furniture Stadium. As we move to additional phases and the number of individuals begins to increase, we will start offering clinics in other parts of the county.

Will everyone who wants to get vaccinated be able to?

  • Yes, when the phase designated for your group is announced by the Maryland Health Department. Right now, the vaccine supply is limited. As vaccine supplies increase, we will provide the vaccine to additional prioritized groups, according to state-designated guidelines. The groups of people eligible to receive the vaccine will continue to expand as more vaccine becomes available.

How will we know to sign up for a vaccine, where, and how?

  • You can always get the latest information at
  • Call the Charles County COVID-19 Hotline at 301-609-6710 for a pre-recorded message about our current vaccination availability, phase, and the process for signing up when your phase is available for vaccination. This message will be updated as new information is available, and the public can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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How can I find more information about the vaccine?

For more COVID19 FAQs from the CDC, click the button below: