Charles County Health Department


Charles County Department of Health

Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP)

Office Information:

Monday – Friday from 8AM – 12PM and 1PM – 5PM

Phone Number: 301 – 609 – 6890

The Charles County Department of Health staff coordinates with patients in need of medical assistance by appointment only for home visits.   Upon arrival, the staff will take proper precaution such as wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and calling in advance to confirm the appointment.  If someone comes to your door that you do not recognize or have a medical appointment with, please contact the police.


Medicaid gives free and low cost health care for eligible individuals and families with low to average incomes.

Annual Income Eligibility Chart – Effective March 1, 2019

If your household size is this

 AdultsChildren (MCHP)Children (MCHP Premium*)

Pregnant Women

Each person add$5,437$9,327$11,669$14,233$11,669
You Pay$0$0$56$70$0
Benefits for Individuals and Families:
  • Doctor Visits (well and sick care)
  • Prenatal and post-partum doctor visits
  • Hospital Care
  • Lab Work and Tests
  • Dental Care
  • Vision Care
  • Immunizations (shots)
  • Prescription Medicines
  • Transportation to Medical Appointments
  • Mental Health Services
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
How to apply? 

Come into the office or apply on online at